2.2 The current global situation in HIV/AIDS:

In its latest report, UNAIDS says of the world 34.5 million people infected with the virus at the beginning of this year, nearly 90 percent are living in the developing world- mainly in the countries of sub Saher – an Africa, and yes south and southeast Asia. In India alone 3.7 million of its one billion people are carrying the virus. The south Asian giant, which shares a long open border with Nepal, is second to only south Africa- where 4.2 million of its 42 million people are infected in terms of sheer numbers.

Figure - 2

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(There are 34.3 million adults and children living with HIV/AIDS in the world today.)

Source: Himal (Oct. 2000)

Mertens TE, Low Beer D, has reported, as of the end of 1995, following an extensive country by country review of HIV/AIDS data a cumulative total of 6 million AIDS cases were estimated to have occurred in adults and children world wide and currently 20.1 million adults are estimated to be alive and infected with HIV or have AIDS of the total prevalent HIV infections, the majority remain concentrated in eastern, central and southern Africa, but epidemic is evolving with spread of infection from urban to rural areas, as well as to west and south Africa, India and South east Asia, and to a lesser extent with proportional shifts to heterosexual infections in North America, western Europe and Latrine America. WHO currently projects a cumulative total of close to 40 million HIV infections in men. Women and children by the year 2000. By that time, the male-female ratio of new infection will be close to 1:1.